Thankfully there are only a few common electrode sizes

  1. Standard European - 11mm Diameter. Most of the violet wands we sell are of this size
  2. US Size - 11.15mm - please be aware this is quite rare for anyone in Europe - but if you have imported a device then you may have this size - imperial and alas we do not stock them
  3. Oversize - 12mm Diameter. Very popular but with a smaller number of makes. Most notable are Radiostat/Radiolux, Vio and Ideal - which we occasionally sell.
    Some but not all UK sets are also of this size and some have a square end to the end cap. We do stock a few of these but we do not post them on the web site - best to contact us if you need these
  4. Undersize - 10mm diameter - far less common than the other two but most notably used by Karl Haider

If you are unsure of which you have try measuring with a set of calipers - the results may vary a little and if you are in doubt then contact us. You can also making an approximate measure using a flexible tape measure or piece of paper around the circumference

  • Standard European = 36mm circumference - 11mm diameter
  • Oversize = 39mm circumference - 12mm diameter
Standard European Oversize - Radiostat Data

Neon Roller for a Violet Wand / Ray Spiral electrode Tongue electrode Blue Mushroom for a Violet Wand / Ray Comb electrode Amplifier for a Violet Wand / Ray Neon Mushroom electrode





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