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Saturday 1st October 2016

Revolution Bar
140 – 144 Leadenhall Street
London EC3V 4QT

Next door to the Leadenhall Building (Cheese Grater) and one street away from the Gherkin. MAP/DIRECTIONS

Thank you for all those who attended the LAM on the 1st October 2016

Violet Wands can give an amazing sensual experience - from very mild and tingly - to moderately zappy and prickly - to very intense indeed!

Our devices are mostly classic or vintage and have the power that virtually all modern devices simply do not have . They are either fully restored or in their original pristine condition - and all are 100% fully working, extensively tested and very powerful. We also GUARANTEE our devices for one year - that's the electrics and the electrodes.

About modern devices ?

Most, if not all modern solid state devices are seriously underpowered by comparison with older devices.

The modern ones alas are designed for the cosmetics industry and although they are re branded as fetish or sex toys, they cannot be compared with the older medical units. They are solid state rather than electro mechanical - and so feel different and are by comparison to ours, very underpowered.

So be aware - although the modern ones are cheap and you will get some pleasure from them, you will not get the power or the sensations the older electro mechanical ones we or other people can offer. However, please buy something restored by a reputable restoration expert.

Lovely 8pc Sano Violet Wand Lovely 10pc Fluvita Violet Wand

They give a new meaning to the word electro play and for this reason are very popular. They have also been taken up by many practitioners of alternative medicine

Valued for their beauty and intricate design - they also attract the attention of the serious collector. There are small compact violet wands of say five attachments to huge cases containing twenty or more intricate and rare electrodes

Plus the glass electrodes are very visual - they glow either violet or orange with electric sparks striking the skin

Violet Wand Spiral Electrode Violet Ray Roller Neon Mushroom Comb Electrode

If you buy from us

You can expect your violet wand to have been fully restored and extensively tested. It will be in very good to almost showcase condition - with an excellent range of power outputs and with all the glass electrodes fully working.

Compared to many modern violet wands, ours will be more powerful, have a much larger range of electrodes and are far superior in build quality

Plus - you are buying an antique and a collectable - a device which has already lasted for up to 70 years or more and with care should last the same again

Lovely 10pc Fluvita Violet Wand Lovely 10pc Fluvita with a timer

If you already have a violet wand

We can carry out full electrical restoration - assuming the HV coil in the handle is functional (which is mostly the case) - although we can replace the HV coil in the wand handle if your device is rare or valuable.

If you want a violet wand restored, simply contact us

We can also replace/restore defective cases, linings, handles and so forth although we must warn you that this can be quite time consuming and costly.

One word of advice - if you ever buy a device un restored - please get it checked out by us or some other expert BEFORE you even plug it in !


PS: Finally, we cannot accept any liability for any errors or omissions on this web site or for any of our links to other sites. In a nutshell - if you zap yourself and your head explodes - its your fault!




Radiostat Promo - circa 1928 Felma 16 Violet Wand circa 1928 Demonstrating the Mushroom  circa 1928 circa 1927Mushroom Electrode





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