We have uploaded a new selection of our devices for sale, on our "Violet Wands" page - see above

Our Classic and Vintage devices have been fully restored to the highest of modern electrical standards.

The cases and interiors are either tip top original or mostly fully restored inside and out. New case coverings, metal fittings and velvet interiors, etc....

To check out the devices we have available, click on the Violet Wands link above

Valued for their beauty and intricate design - they also attract the attention of the serious collector. There are small compact violet wands of say five attachments to huge cases containing twenty or more intricate and rare electrodes

Plus the glass electrodes are very visual - they glow mostly violet or even orange

Violet Wand Spiral Electrode Violet Ray Roller Neon Mushroom Comb Electrode

If you buy from us

Your device will have been fully restored, often the whole case as well – inside and out.

It will have been extensively tested, often modified for improved safety, function and guaranteed for a year.

In short, it will look and feel amazing.

As mentioned above, compared to the modern devices, our classic and vintage models are on a different planet.

The modern violet wands are designed for MILD medical use or more often, for cosmetic reasons. As a result they do not need to be nearly as powerful as the older devices.

Do not be deceived. Without exception all the modern devices are quite low powered

  • High end electro mechanical
  • High end solid state
  • The Cheapies - mostly far eastern solid state - often re branded as sex/fetish toys or even medical alternatives.
  • Industrial leak detectors - these are often adopted as the next best thing to the older classic or vintage units but the basic ones, are very basic

Finally - If you already have an older device

Before you use any old electrical device, we strongly recommend that you get it checked out by an expert.

We do offer a restoration service but please bear in mind, it is not cheap. If you have one, please just contact us

If you are tempted to buy something from eBay and then get it restored, please think again. Unless you know about this subject you could easily buy a device which is simply not worth restoring.

Some devices are more equal than others.........




Radiostat Promo - circa 1928 Felma 16 Violet Wand circa 1928 Demonstrating the Mushroom  circa 1928 circa 1927Mushroom Electrode





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