These fit the slightly larger European size manufactures such as

  • Radiostat / Radiolux
  • Ideal
  • Vio

Plus a whole range of other manufacturers unknown to us - check Data to find your size of electrode

If you do not find what you want here then please contact us as we do have a variety of one offs.

Standard EuropeanOversize (Radiostat / Vio )Data

  • Excellent general purpose electrode
  • A must for any kit
  • Medium

Price 32.00    
Anal Probe

  • Compact anal electrode
  • Also excellent pointer
  • Medium/High

Price 38.00    
Anal Probe

  • Fearsome - with a fine wire at the end
  • Originally used to remove warts - can also electrobrand
  • fearsome

Price 42.00    





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